We are specialist in the production of:

  • Wooden handrails
  • Mixed handrails (Wood and Forja/Madera and Steel).
  • Stairways of Snail.

In Escatrex we take care of the detail.

Believe distinction in your home, we possess the most beautiful snail stairways,
balustrades, mixed rails in wood and it forges and in wood with steel.

With the quality that characterizes us, it contemplates ours lathed in wood, stairways and rails..

Believe with us in your home, interior art that will make that your he/she marries it distinguishes of the rest.


They come to visit one another and he/she requests budget without commitment. We will assist you gladly.

In Escatrex we show the public a new decoration concept, being able to assure to our clients quality in the treatment and mainly an understanding that he/she goes but there of the simple attainment of our objectives when it is to create home.

Our personnel optimally qualified he/she will assist him in a personal, constructive and constant way in what refers to service.

With the materials of but high quality and our hands artisans, we give form to those but beautiful compositions being professional of the home.

Our creations of rails and stairways endorse us…
"Don't doubt it, they come and here you found it".


WHERE WE ARE         MADE WORKS           CONTACT    Era Alta, 67 (Ctra. Almoradí - Dolores) 03160 Almoradi (Alicante)
                                                 Tel. 965 701 291